Head of dorm

The head of the dorm is the first contact person in the dormitory and the contact person to the Studentenwerk and also has the right to reside in the dormitory. He is officially commissioned by the Studentenwerk to carry out his post as head of the institution. Every resident of the dormitory can apply for the position of head of the dormitory, the candidates are voted on in a dormitory assembly and the results are communicated to the Studentenwerk. The final decision rests with the Studentenwerk, but it usually decides according to the wishes of the residents.


Tutoring programmes are carried out in all of the Studentenwerk’s houses and student halls of residence. The work of the tutors is intended to stimulate and promote the self-responsible initiative and activity of the students living in the dormitory. On offer are general educational, social, sporting and musical events. An important task of the tutors is also the integration and support of the foreign students.

House speakers

The three house speakers, one for 125, 127 and 129, are responsible for all minor problems that affect the respective house. They are also the intermediaries between the residents of the individual houses and the senior council. The speakers are elected by the residents of the individual houses.